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Night Support Worker – Res CAMHs (Salford )

Salary: £19,032 - £20,072
Location: Salford

NumberFour provides residential care and support for young people who have experienced difficulties in their life which is often connected with trauma of some type and expressed using self-harm behaviours.

Courtyard Care Ltd  provides residential placements to meet the individual needs of  children and young people with complex  needs.  The Residential Support Worker (RSW) is pivotal in providing these placements. RSWs undertake a wide range of tasks  which will involve direct and indirect care and support of children who have complex  needs which could include self harm behaviours, trauma based behaviors, mental health diagnosis’ or emerging mental health conditions such as Personality DisordersObsessive Compulsive DisordersPTSDcommunications difficulties and above all the need to be cared for as a young person first and not a young person with problems.

Our Res CAMHs services use an underlying therapeutic model of PACE and as such they will be trained and directed how to use this model to assist young people make sense of their life experiences to date and how to ‘move forward’ with more effective and positive strategies.

The night support worker will carry out a range of interventions involving delivery of care tasks such as therapeutic and general support to the children/young people which will be of the highest possible standard, provide support to promote their independence and ensure continuity of care in accordance with Courtyard Care Ltd policies and procedures.  They will undertake cleaning duties when the young people are settled.

The role is demanding, tiring and at times appears daunting but it also carries with it great satisfaction and the ability to really shape someone’s future.

We believe we are a positive and proactive employer who understands the real value of it’s employees. We use fair and transparent process for recruiting , retaining and assessing our team members performance. We believe in the value of regular and relevant training for all team members and provide equal opportunities to all our team members irrespective of their agegendersexualityrace or contractual status.

To ensure consistency of care all RSWs will be expected to work shifts and be flexible to meet the needs of the children and fulfil all health and safety requirements.  Whilst the following pages  highlight the main tasks and responsibilities of the post holder they are not exhaustive and may differ within different homes.


Job Description

Role and Function:

To support the Registered Manager and staff team in giving the highest standard of care possible to all the children/young people at Courtyard Care Ltd

  1. To act as a member of the team and assist the management staff in giving the highest standard of care possible to all the children within the Courtyard Care Ltd, closely following individual plans, risk assessments and programmes in place.
  2. To understand the importance of the need for confidentiality in all client matters at all times.
  3. To assist in creating a safe, clean and secure environment for all children within Courtyard Care Ltd, relatives and colleagues, working with the staff team to cover their duties when on leave or off sick.
  4. To take individual/group responsibility in ensuring the running of the home is to its highest possible standard.
  5. To work in a variety of settings if needed, in order to support the children/young people e.g. within their home and educational environments and on activities.
  6. To develop skills in order that the child/young people’s individual health/social and emotional development needs are met.
  7. To provide support, advice and information to the children/young people, parents and other carers as required.
  8. To transport and/or escort the children/young people as required.
  9. Once trained to provide and carry out clinical duties necessary to meet the child/young person’s health / emotional needs on a daily basis.
  10. To have regard for others feelings and not to create low moral with negative communications. To display a positive approach in the way you work at all times and be an ambassador for Courtyard Care Ltd.
  11. To adhere to the activities programme to ensure the children/young people receive a variety of daily stimulation and development suitable to their needs.
  12. To be aware of and adhere to each child/young person’s aims and objectives to ensure individual development.
  13. To keep open lines of communication, participate in supervisions and appraisal giving honest open feedback to line manager.
  14. To undertake any other duties reasonably requested by Courtyard Care Ltd Management.


  • Complete clearly written, accurate, contemporaneous record of involvement with children and their families.
  • To participate in play and stimulation activities in line with individual plans.
  • Report any unusual occurrence in the child’s condition or behaviour to the shift leader or where relevant the on call person.
  • Answer the telephone and act in a polite, professional manner.
  • Take clear concise messages for the Manager and ensure they are passed on in a timely manner.
  • Ensure daily log/diary is adhere to and completed.
  • Take part in daily/shift handover.
  • To work as a team member in evaluating ongoing individual work with the children, forming plans, risk assessments and monitoring the outcomes.
  • To be aware of the health, emotional, psychological and social needs of the children and their families.
  • To demonstrate empathy and sensitivity to others that is non-judgemental and shows respect for their beliefs, values and culture and the impact of any related complex needs.
  • Adhere to Intensive Interaction policy and procedure where necessary.
  • Refer to memo file daily
  • Take responsibility to keep up to date with all relevant plans for children and young people and to read over files when returning from any absences
  • Refer to key-worker communication section, or document in it and to pass messages on to key-worker on a daily basis
  • To attend ALL staff meetings and any extra responsibility meetings relevant to your post holder role.
  • Work collaboratively only under clear instruction from the management team with other service providers within work environments that do not fall under the management of Courtyard Care Ltd.
  • Use appropriate methods and language to communicate in a succinct and clear manner, to listen and take account of others’ views and needs. Show understanding and use logic to communicate.
  • Implement and use appropriate methods of communication to provide consistency, structure and predictability encouraging positive engagement with all children/young people.


Legal and Ethical:

  • To know the importance of parental involvement in decision making and the legal requirements regarding parental consent.
  • Have knowledge of the rights of the child in conjunction with Children’s Regulations and Quality Standards, Every Child Matters and the importance of giving them information according to their level of understanding.
  • To be personally responsible in demonstrating your awareness of the relevant legislation within child care in particular Children’s Regulations, Children’s Home Quality Standards and all other Policies, Procedures and Guidelines for Courtyard Care Ltd.
  • Have a clear understanding of the role and function of OFSTED.
  • Ensure the provision of the service adheres to the statement of purpose and all relevant legislation.
  • To hold the company values and have pride in your work, acting as an ambassador for Courtyard Care Ltd at all times.
  • To have an up to date understanding of Safeguarding Children Procedure and Looked after Children Procedure.
  • Ensure documentation is up to date and completed daily, adhering to code of practice.


  • Attend all relevant courses, in-service training days and statutory annual updates in line with Courtyard Care Ltd workforce plan.
  • Identify own learning needs and develop a personal development plan with your supervisor.
  • Maintain personal responsibility for personal training, attending sessions and being professionally updated.
  • To support staff during induction and orientation in a positive manner.
  • To complete all training ensuring you achieve competence within your area.
  • Maintain an overall awareness of current issues in any identified field required for the smooth running of the home


  1. Be responsible for promoting ongoing improvements in the overall successful running of Courtyard Care Ltd. All annual leave will be booked in accordance with Courtyard Care Ltd Policy and accurate records to support the Registered Manager.
  2. Ensure appropriate procedures are in place for evacuating the home in case of a fire and up to date records are in place.
  3. Any sickness should be conducted as per policy and a back to work form must be completed on return to work. Any sickness must be reported to either management or the senior member of staff on shift.
  4. Work as an effective member of a multi-disciplinary team creating positive working relationships.
  5. All staff must report on duty at commencement time of shift, any lateness must be documented on the rota by senior member of staff or management and in the daily log.
  6. At work overcome difficulties, setbacks and pressure to get things done, understanding the impact of complex needs and associated conditions, to recognise and encourage commitment in others.
  7. Support children/young people with the implementation of their day to day routines, programmes and activities providing personal care when required respecting dignity, privacy and rights as far as possible.
  8. You are expected to report on duty at commencement time of shift, any lateness must be reported to management and documented on the rota and in the daily log.
  9. Any sickness should be conducted as per policy and a back to work form must be completed on return to work. Any sickness of staff must be monitored and dealt with in line with company policy.
  10. At work overcome difficulties, setbacks and pressures to get things done, understanding the impact complex needs of the children / young people,
  11. Support children/young people with complex need to experience life opportunities which promote the growth of individuals to their maximum potential.


Person Specification

Relevant Experience:

  • Experience supporting children in a children’s home – Desirable
  • Effective communicator both verbally and written – Essential
  • Knowledge/experience of children who have complex needs relevant to service – Essential
  • Displays initiative and approachability  – Essential
  • Displays sensitivity and awareness to multi-cultural issues –Essential
  • Have knowledge of current legislation – Desirable
  • To have the ability to coordinate a shift and prioritise care needs – Essential
  • To work under own initiative – Essential
  • To have the ability to coordinate and manage unexpected situations – Essential
  • Demonstrate an ability to overcome difficult situations, setbacks and pressure and a willingness to get things done – Essential
  • Able to work on own initiative and as a team member – Essential
  • Have a positive approach to behaviours that could present challenges – Essential
  • Driver – Essential

Education and Training Attainments:

  • L 3 diploma or relevant qualification – Children and Young People – Desirable
  • Willingness to complete relevant qualification within time frame – Essential
  • NNEB – Desirable
  • DIPSW – Desirable
  • NVQ  Level 4 – Desirable
  • Good standard of general education – Essential
  • Excellent I.T. skills – Essential 
  • Safeguarding qualification – Desirable

Key Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

  • Experience of disability, medical, mental health and associated complex needs relevant to service- Desirable
  • Experience of administering  medication – Desirable
  • Ability and commitment to support staff to enable cohesive and effective team working – Essential
  • Ability to work on your own initiative, within agreed procedures and parameters – Essential
  • Ability to establish effective communication with children / young people, staff, relatives, external agencies and other professionals – Essential
  • Good written and verbal communication skills, ability to write and maintain reports and children / young people  notes and communicate effectively with parents/staff/other professionals – Essential
  • Ability to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team – Essential
  • Able to listen and act on instructions – Essential
  • Ability to prioritise and organise day to day workload – Essential 
  • Ability to organise, support and co-ordinate individual activities that develop appropriate life skills and meet the young persons  areas of interest  – Essential

Personal Qualities:

  • Good time keeping – Essential 
  • Reliable – Essential 
  • Flexible approach to work – Essential 
  • Commitment to the provision of high quality care services – Essential 
  • Commitment to maintaining continuous professional development of yourself and staff team – Essential 
  • Smart and approachable – Essential 

Physical and Mental Requirements:

  • Regular requirements to move and handle children / young people , who have a range of physical abilities, in a variety of settings including community environment, gym,  pool areas, children / young people home and some restricted spaces – Essential
  • The ability to meet the physical demands of the post which requires substantial walking, standing, lifting, bending, working on the floor, twisting and pushing any wheelchair within the children / young people premises and within the community – Essential

Any Additional Factors:

  • Car driver and willingness to use own car in line with company Safe Driving Policy – Essential
  • Willingness to drive company minibuses – Essential

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