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Residential CAMHs

The service was founded on the belief that therapeutic interventions, residential provision and young people’s views should not be viewed as being in isolation of each other, but rather as a dynamic combination of factors and often traumatic life experiences.

Therefore we focus on supporting young people who are either awaiting discharge from a Tier 4 Inpatient CAMHs ward or who are deemed at risk of being admitted to a ward and are using self-harm behavior as a coping strategy. We provide a real alternative to hospital settings which operate as secure or semi secure facilities

We provide a full person centred residential based Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHs) service for young people experiencing difficulties with complex and often multiple needs which may include Emerging Personality Disorders, Psychosis, Paranoia, Post-Traumatic Stress Conditions, Attachment Disorders and other associated conditions.

Given the belief above, we began to explore the possibility of providing a service that can both meet the needs of the young people who use it and the commissioners who purchase it. We found that the young people who present with high risk behaviors are more often than not being offered traditional options of low – medium secure hospital placements which offer little, if any preparation to move onto community lifestyles.

Therefore we focus our energy on enabling young people to express their emotions whilst having regard for their life experiences. We believe that in order for such young people to be able to move on and find alternatives to their current coping strategies, they need support which allows them to explore different ways of coping and not simply stopping them using their current coping strategies. In other words we aim not to ‘rescue’ young people from themselves. We feel that these young people would be able to live fulfilling lives whilst in a supportive nurturing, boundaries and safe placement.

The team consists of experienced residential support workers and mental health professionals.

We are seen as a provider who goes the ‘extra mile’ in supporting young people with extremely complex backgrounds and behaviors and as such our risk management and tolerance is higher than most providers. This strategy is underpinned by the therapeutic model of PACE and supported by our Psychology Service. This service works with the residential team in providing real guidance and advice on a practical approaches as well as reflective practice sessions to understand how their own behavior impacts upon the young person.

We all work together seamlessly to provide a coherent, well plannedenergetic and robust service which endeavors to deliver timely, consistent, person specific care and support to enable the young people to develop, grow, build resilience and move towards independence at an appropriate level.

Ultimately we see our service as offering a ‘real alternative’ to secure hospital admissions and as positive route to permanent community living.

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