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Learning Disability

Courtyard Care aims to provide needs led support to children and young people with a diagnosis of a learning disability and associated additional complex needs. We recognise and celebrate the uniqueness of every individual by ensuring a person-centred approach is adopted. We are committed to enabling personal growth now and for the future, giving each young person the strongest voice with regards to decision making and lifestyle choices. Our range of supportive services and environments will encourage each individual to fulfil their personal dreams and aspirations.

Our aims and purpose at Courtyard Care is to provide a safe, warm and nurturing environment with a high standard of accommodation and care for children and young people within a framework of promoting children’s rights.

The philosophy of care at Courtyard Care is based on guidance laid out in the Children Act 1989, Volume Six Children with Disabilities.  This states that children and young people should be provided with services which are designed to minimise the effects of their disability and are given the opportunities to lead lives that are as normal as possible.

Courtyard Care provides 24/7 care 52 weeks per year. Children and young people are referred to Courtyard Care from Social Care Services or other Health Professionals.

The starting point to a successful outcome is our comprehensive needs led assessment, which follows a referral and ensures that we understand each individual’s needs and aspirations.

Following the assessment, we work in close partnership with the child’s Social Worker, transition team and their families or other representatives to develop a Person-Centred Plan.

Every young person is different, and their transition reflects this in terms of timescales, visits, building relationships, overnight stays and the final move-in date.

Working with all parties, we ensure that it is a well-planned and managed process which incorporates the needs-led assessment.

Our Homes

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